Current Challenges

SPS strives to help shape Suffolk's future, campaigning for appropriate development which is sensitive to our landscape and built heritage. We will look at any development proposal which threatens Suffolk's special qualities.

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We aim to influence planning decisions to ensure that the thousands of new homes required in Suffolk are sustainable in terms of their environmental, economic and social role. We promote the protection of the landscape, heritage and sustainability of existing communities. We call for new developments to be appropriate to their setting, well designed and high quality.


Suffolk's has a rich built heritage. Local authorities have a statutory duty to have special regard to preserving the historic environment from harmful development. We monitor all applications which affect listed buildings or conservation areas, or their setting, and when appropriate respond to local planning authorities on applications.

Renewable energy:

We monitor applications for solar farms, wind turbines and biomass burners in the county and encourage planning authorities to resist them where they are in unsustainable locations or may cause harm to the landscape or to heritage. We support renewable energy as a means to reduce our carbon footprint but believe that the sensitive siting of these developments is absolutely key.

Major Energy Projects:

Suffolk is likely to host national energy infrastructure projects in the future - Sizewell C, a gas fired power station at Eye Airfield, Anglia Off-Shore Windfarms. The Society supports communities to ensure appropriate consultation is carried out and the impact of these major developments is minimised or mitigated. We also work to maximise the benefits for the local communities.