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Our Work - the Current Challenges

We strive to help shape Suffolk's future, campaigning for appropriate development which is sensitive to the landscape, listed buildings and conservation areas. We call for local and neighbourhood planning policies to identify and protect the special qualities of the county and we resist development which threatens these special qualities.

Our responses to recent planning applications and consultations on planning policy can be accessed here


There has been deregulation of planning from a central government committed to increasing house building to address the 'housing crisis'. This means that Suffolk is destined to receive 62,000 new homes between 2019 and 2039 and developers have the upper hand.

We challenge the idea that there is a choice between volume and quality.

We actively promote and celebrate good modern design. We campaign through the planning system for new homes to be built in the most sustainable locations and to make a positive contribution to the local area through their design, careful landscaping and use of high quality materials.

Read: the SPS 2017 Housing Position Paper


Suffolk ranks as one of the richest counties in terms of its heritage assets, hosting over 13,000 designated listed buildings and 173 conservation areas as well as numerous undesignated buildings of local importance. Local authorities have a statutory duty to have special regard to preserving the historic environment from harmful development. The cultural, environmental, economic and social contribution of these to Suffolk cannot be overestimated.

SPS encourages local authorities and neighbourhood planning groups to include robust policies in their Plans to protect their areas built heritage. We also monitor planning applications which affect conservation areas, listed buildings or their settings, and call for appropriate weight to be given to harmful impacts on heritage in decision making.

Energy Projects:

We recognise that Suffolk has a vital role to play in securing the energy needs of the nation and supports a focus on renewable energy projects. However the infrastructure needed to support the proposed additional Sizewell nuclear reactors and offshore windfarms will impact some of the most beautiful Suffolk countryside, coast, towns and villages.

SPS campaigns for a coordinated approach to deliver forthcoming energy projects. If Suffolk is to host these projects, we believe that sensitive siting of these developments and successful mitigation of their impacts together with offset environmental enhancements are absolutely key.

A12 Suffolk Energy Gateway - 4 Villages Bypass - read our March 2018 statement here