The following will link you to planning policy and guidance documents:

National Planning Policy and Guidance:

National Planning Policy Framework (2018) - sets out the Government's planning policies for England - revised in 2018

Planning Practice Guidance is now available via an on-line system (launched March 2014). This comprises revised and updated planning practice guidance, replacing around 200 separate documents.

Heritage Help - the website of the JCNAS (Joint Committee of the National Amenity Societies), supported by English Heritage, to offer information and advice on matters related to the management and protection of local historic environments.

Hedgerow Removal - guidance from DEFRA

Local Planning Policy:

District level planning policy can be accessed via our Local Plans page

Neighbourhood Plans may be in place. Contact your parish or town clerk for details.

CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England):

CPRE reports, responses to Government consultations and guidance

Historic England Guidance:

Guidance on the Setting of Heritage Assets - clear guidance on avoiding or minimising harm to heritage assets which can occur when development affects their setting

A list of all the guidance publications available via the Historic England website

Suffolk Policy and Guidance:

Suffolk's Nature Strategy - 2014 publication produced jointly by Suffolk County Council, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, RSPB and the National Trust

Suffolk Landscape Character Assessment - understanding the varied landscape types in the county. 30 distinct types have been identified and are explained via this SCC website

Natural England - National Character Area 82 - profile of Suffolk Coasts and Heaths - 2013

Natural England - Agricultural Land Classification - link to map of the Eastern region

Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - 2013 to 2018 Management Plan

The Suffolk Design Guide for Residential Areas - adopted as supplementary planning guidance by all the Suffolk local planning authorities in 1993 and was slightly revised in 2000 to acknowledge changes in planning policy guidance