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Details of ScottishPower Renewables' current and proposed Off Shore wind projects are available via their website here

SPS has written to ScottishPower Renewable in response to the public information event - read our letter here


Offshore windfarm information days “show overwhelming visual impact of proposals”

We support the increasing use of renewable sources of energy generation but the Society is alarmed by these proposals. Overwhelming visual impact threaten to industrialise both our seascapes and sensitive landscapes.

ScottishPower Renewables’ proposals for its East Anglia ONE North and East Anglia TWO offshore windfarms could significantly and negatively impact upon both local on shore landscapes and seascapes.

The company, which is already building the 102 turbine EAST Anglia ONE windfarm is looking to build an additional 132 turbines across the two locations off the heritage coast.

Suffolk Preservation Society' concerns:

  • the plans will require:
    • an enormous new National Grid substation (325m by 140m 13m high - equivalent to 6 football pitches and just under 5 storeys) and
    • two connector stations (each 190m by 190m, with 21m high buildings and 18m high external equipment - equivalent to 4 football pitches each and 7 storeys high).
  • The original plan was for all off shore wind farms along the Suffolk coast to connect at Bramford via underground cables. ScottishPower Renewables has changed this plan which is putting huge pressure on our sensitive designated coastal environment to host this infrastructure.
  • The on shore location for these has not yet been chosen but a search area has been defined south of Leiston stretching from Sizewell across past Knodishall - see map
  • the cumulative impact of more energy infrastructure in the Sizewell area increases the liklihood of upgrading the transmission infratructure - more or larger pylons and new routes may well be the next requirement
  • the illuminated turbines would be located 32km off Southwold and will be up to 300m in height with a rotor diameter of 250m. This massively exceeds existing east coast wind turbines which are typically well below 200m high.

SPS is concerned that both the scale and location of these two proposed windfarms and the substations on the land will have a significant impact upon the Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB and Suffolk’s heritage coast.

These proposals shouldn’t be considered in isolation as the cumulative impact of these proposals alongside the existing windfarms already built off the Suffolk and Norfolk coasts will be considerable - together with EDF's proposals for Sizewell C.

Suffolk Preservation Society is urging local parish councils and amenity groups to work with it to better analyse the proposals and coordinate a detailed response once the formal consultation period begins. It is vital that those communities which will be carrying the burden of hosting the required infrastructure are provided with the necessary time and support for them to better understand and question the proposals.