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Suffolk Energy Gateway – Statement March 2018

As the most influential countywide heritage charity, the Suffolk Preservation Society seeks to protect and promote the special heritage and landscape qualities of Suffolk. Using our professional expertise, we carefully evaluate every relevant issue in light of its positive and negative impacts upon these two criteria.

The east of Suffolk is experiencing significant development pressure, including new housing, Sizewell C and other energy infrastructure projects, and it has been argued that road improvements to the A12 are vital to delivering that growth and investment.

The SPS recognises the constraints of the existing A12 as it passes through the historic villages of Farnham, Stratford St Andrew, Glemham and Marlesford. The negative impacts of traffic upon the local residents and their homes are well documented and understood. We acknowledge that an earlier version of the current proposed bypass, known as the Four Villages bypass, was scrutinised by the Secretary of State in 1995 and Traffic Orders made to allow the road to proceed.

The new proposal to bypass these villages, known as the Suffolk Energy Gateway, is very much in its formative stages, and it is impossible at this stage to make any meaningful definitive statements on the proposal and its impacts. Once more information is made available, the SPS will fully scrutinise the data and other evidence and will work to minimise any environmental harm to valued landscapes that might result.