In the media - recent recognition of our campaigning work

Four Ideas to reduce the risk of new homes swamping us (EADT 10 March 2018)

Suffolk's heritage team urges councils to plan better communities (EADT 20 Feb 2018)

No millstone chained to the ankle but a real breath of life (EADT 10 February 2018)

Renewable energy's good, but don't mar precious lands (EADT 20 January 2018)

If Suffolk gets it wrong, well would Suffolk still be Suffolk? (EADT 9 December 2017)

Cheese wedge does not have to be order of the day (EADT 18 November 2017)

There's a bit to do if we want to harness power of the past (EADT 14 October 2017)

Pressure on our precious villages (EADT 16 September 2017)

Revive Planning System and Make a Better England for All (EADT 17 June 2017)

Mass Housebuilding scars our county (EADT 26 June 2017)

Stormy sky is winning shot in Suffolk Beauty Photograph Competition (EADT 28 April 2017)

Is anywhere more beautiful than here? (EADT 22 April 2017)

This won't Fix the Housing Crisis (EADT letters 11 Feb 2017)

Sizewell C: A Seriously Flawed Project (EADT 24 February 2017)

Group's fears at damage by nuclear plant (Lowestoft Journal 27 January 2017)

SPS calls on EDF to change Sizewell C plans.. (EADT 24 January 2017)

Fight goes on to protect our county (EADT 3 Dec 2016)

More opposition to Melford homes (Suffolk Free Press 25 Nov 2016)

Conservationists slam proposals for former site of biscuit factory at Lowestoft (EADT 6 Oct 2016)

'Beauty sacrificed' in rush for homes (EADT 17 June 2016)

Heritage Training seminar (EADT 27 May 2016)

Brownfield First article Director's column (EADT 21 May 2016)

Heritage Village hits out at homes plan (Bury Free Press March 12th 2016)

Huge Protest over buffer zone homes at Woodbridge and Martlesham (EADT 18 February 2016)

Letter to the Editor (published in EADT 13th February 2016)

Residents' group calls first witnesses in fight against Framlingham homes (EADT 27th Janaury 2016)

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