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Join SPS and stand up for Suffolk

Why join?

  • We are an independent and respected organisation which is not afraid to oppose. We can make a real difference to shape the Suffolk of the future. BUT we need your help
  • Communities and developers are not evenly matched. Government policy favours development and developers have deeper pockets and can appeal against planning refusal. Communities are limited to judicial review, which is costly and available only in exceptional cases.
  • SPS can help by advising communities and providing objective advice to local authorities which have suffered cutbacks to their planning departments.
  • But we have many more requests for help than we can handle. If you support us we can do more.

As a member you'll benefit from our regular Suffolk View magazine, and enjoy our member visits and lectures throughout the year.Best of all, top up your membership subscription with a monthly or one-off donation. Membership covers less than 20% of our costs. We rely on donations for the rest.