Recognising the landscapes of power; a Planning system fit for the future; Securing Suffolk’s heritage

On May 22nd Rishi Sunak announced that the next General election would be held on July 4th.

SPS has prepared a manifesto which focuses on three principal asks:

  • Firstly, recognising the new landscapes of power which require our county to provide a corridor for delivering renewable energy for Britain. The Society recognises the importance of  delivering both energy security and the country’s net zero ambitions, but we believe that this has to be – and can be – done without sacrificing Suffolk’s landscapes, heritage and communities.
  • We also call for a planning system fit for the future. The truth is we will only be able to protect our countryside for future generations whilst facing the climate and housing crises, and energy and food security, if there is a clear plan for what to put where. We want to see brownfield land prioritised for development to protect our countryside, locating new homes and businesses close to transport links, services and facilities. We also want a focus on raising design standards so that our beloved county doesn’t look like everywhere else.
  • Finally, we wish to secure Suffolk’s heritage for all generations. The historic environment gives people and communities a strong sense of identity and a pride in place. It attracts visitors, providing income for businesses and employment for Suffolk’s people. That is why we’d like to see heritage put at the heart of policy and decision making, by more investment given to empowering councils and communities so they can protect and make the most of their heritage.

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