As part of the celebration of our 90th Anniversary in 2019, we have prepared a Manifesto to set out our promise to Suffolk for the next 10 years.

Suffolk is home to a dazzling wealth of beautiful landscapes and sites of archaeological interest and built heritage. We all love our big skies, the church towers that reach up to meet them, the wonderful wool towns, the tranquil estuaries, the Brecks and the sunny coast.

The county has two nationally designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty – The Dedham Vale and Suffolk Coast & Heaths. We are also home to many locally valued landscapes including nature reserves, river valleys, greens and commons.

Suffolk ranks as one of the richest counties in terms of its built heritage. We are host to 173 conservation areas and over 13,000 listed buildings as well as over 200 scheduled ancient monuments and 44 registered parks and gardens. It is for this reason that the Suffolk Preservation Society was established and why we have campaigned tirelessly for the last 90 years, to fight to protect the things that we value most about Suffolk.

This Manifesto sets out the challenges we see facing Suffolk in the decade ahead and how we will strive to keep Suffolk such an extraordinary place…