Westminster is committed to the target of ‘a million new homes by 2020’. Suffolk is not spared its share of this target & district councils are obliged to demonstrate that they have identified a 5 year supply of housing land, based upon an objectively assessed housing need that commits them to deliver their allocation of new homes & adopt site allocation policy documents within which they will permit housing development.

Successfully challenging new housing development applications that are compliant with adopted council policy and in a “sustainable” location is extremely difficult against this permissive backdrop. However, the National Planning Policy Framework makes clear that while development must be sustainable this relates to not just economic but also social and environmental factors. In short, protected areas such as Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Heritage Coast and designated heritage assets (listed buildings, conservation areas, scheduled monuments, Registered Parks and Gardens) require development constraint.

5 Year Housing Land Supply update:

Suffolk councils are obliged to review their housing supply position on an annual basis. The most recent housing supply position is set out below. Any figure under 5 years leaves councils vulnerable to speculative development.

Babergh                            Sept 2019                        5.67yrs

Mid Suffolk                      Sept 2019                         5.66yrs

Suffolk Coastal                Aug 2019                          7.03yrs

Waveney                          Aug 2019                          6.58yrs

West Suffolk                    Sep 2019                           6.12yrs

Ipswich                             March 2018                      4.61yrs

Today we therefore fight to deliver our Mission of seeing that new development is sustainable, proportionate and appropriate against a momentum that is very challenging. Nevertheless, it makes the Society’s charitable objects of protecting and promoting the special qualities of Suffolk ever more relevant.