Whilst supporting offshore wind generation, SPS has serious concerns over the impacts of offshore windfarms and their associated onshore infrastructure on the landscape and heritage of Suffolk including the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

SPS has campaigned for an offshore ringmain to be installed to take the power from all the offshore wind production around the East Anglian coast in a strategic planned way rather than allowing the the adhoc carving up of the countryside to continue. SPS therefore welcomes the government announcement of an Offshore Transmission Review. We hopes that this indicates an acceptance that integrated connections need to be happening soon and that considering each project in isolation is not working.

East Anglia 1(N) and East Anglia 2

The proposed turbines for East Anglia 1 (North) and East Anglia 2 will be the tallest turbines worldwide and 3 enormous substations are planned in the countryside beside the village of Friston. 7 kms of cables being installed underground causing enormous disruption to the countryside including parts of the Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB. 

SPS sat on the Expert Topic Group for heritage and consistently made strong representations at each stage of the projects prior to the DCO submission.

On 27 January 2020 Therese Coffey MP submitted a formal objection to the projects calling for them to be refused due to their harmful impact on the countryside, habitats, heritage assets, local resident amenity and tourism. Read her letter here.

November 2020 – SPS Written Representation to the Planning Inspectorate:

SPS Written Representation on EA1N and EA2

Previous SPS responses:

21 January 2020 – following SPR’s submission of its Development Consent Orders (DCO), SPS has registered as an interested party: East Anglia 1(N), East Anglia 2

30 May 2019 – impact of offshore infrastructure on the significance of coastal heritage assets

20 March 2019 – phase 4 consultation response EA1(N), EA2

6 November 2018 – phase 3.5 consultation response – substation location

2 July 2018 – phase 3 consultation response – indicative onshore development area

27 March 2018 – public consultation exercise

15 December 2017 – scoping report EA1(N), EA2