After 4 rounds of public consultations, EDF submitted its Development Consent Order application to the Planning Inspectorate for two new reactors on a site adjacent to Sizewell B on 27 May 2020. PINS has now accepted the application which will now proceed to Examination.

On 30 September 2020 SPS registered with the Planning Inspectorate to become an Interested Party by making a Relevant Representation. A Relevant Representation is a summary of the party’s views on the application, made in writing to PINS. Read our relevant rep here.

Stage 5 Consultation:

Less than a week after the deadline for registering as an interested party, EDF announced revisions to its proposals.    The changes include making more use of rail and sea to deliver construction materials and alterations to the proposed beach landing facility. EDF will now formally submit its revised proposals to PINS at the beginning of January. SPS joined the StopSizewellC campaign group, the AONB Partnership and other local groups in writing to the Secretary of State raising serious concerns regarding the timing of EDF’s revisions and the impact on the local community. 8 Dec 2020 – SPS response to the post DCO stage 5 consultation

SPS has also responded to each of the previous stages of pre-submission consultation – see below.

SPS position in relation to Sizewell as a location for a new nuclear reactor:

In our previous responses SPS has focused on the environmental impacts of the proposals of Sizewell C and how they are to be assessed and appropriately mitigated. However, SPS has also referred to the Government’s response to its recent consultation on siting of nuclear facilities (Government Response: Consultation On The Siting Criteria And Process For A New National Policy Statement For Nuclear Power With Single Reactor Capacity Over 1 Gigawatt Beyond 2025 published July 2018), which included Sizewell C, in its stage 4 consultation response. Within this Government document there is a clear requirement on EDF Energy to demonstrate how the Sizewell site will conform to new, more stringent site selection criteria before being accepted as a suitable site.

SPS has taken the view that the level of information that has been submitted by EDF to date is insufficient to fully assess the environmental impacts of the proposals and the necessary mitigation required in this nationally designated and highly sensitive landscape.

In Summary:

  • SPS objects to the Sizewell C development as currently proposed due to the harm that this will cause to the special qualities of the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Beauty (AONB);
  • SPS objects to the abandonment of the marine led freight strategy in favour of three road strategies which rely heavily on the local road network
  • SPS objects to the scale and location of the accommodation campus at Eastbridge;
  • SPS objects to the lack of information on the landscape and heritage impacts of the two villages bypass, the Yoxford junction alterations, the Sizewell link road and the Southern park and ride;
  • SPS objects to the permanent development outside the main site at Goose Hill, the generic design of the plant, the inclusion of chimney stacks and additional pylons within the AONB and the lack of visualisations of these elements;
  • SPS calls for an environmental fund in addition to the housing and tourism funds proposed
  • SPS objects to the lack of analysis of the cumulative landscape and heritage impacts of Sizewell C with the Scottish Power Renewables EA1(N) and EA2 windfarms and National Grid infrastructure

Our responses to previous rounds of consultation:

17 September 2019 – stage 4 consultation

18 March 2019 – stage 3 consultation

24 January 2017 – stage 2 consultation