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Spring 2024

Our lead article focuses on how we can make our homes more resilient to flooding as we adapt to a wetter and warmer climate. We also dedicate this edition to celebrating heroes, past and present reflecting on the work of Suffolk’s adopted son, writer and historian George Ewart Evans, and the results of our Heritage Champions Awards.


Autumn 2023

Welcome to the autumn edition of Suffolk View. It has been a busy summer which has given us lots of opportunities to meet many of you in person across our range of social events. From Lowestoft in the east to Ickworth in the west we have seen and
learnt about some of the excellent work of those who are looking after Suffolk’s historic landscapes and buildings…..

Spring 2023

A Visionary and a Pioneer – Murielle R. Schofield the High House, Otley, and the origins of the Suffolk Preservation Society.

Mrs. Muriel R. Schofield was instrumental in the formation of the Suffolk Preservation Society. Her husband, the artist W. Elmer Schofield, shared her interest in history. However, as noted by Celia Jennings, the acquisition and repair of the High House, Otley, was surely the initial catalyst behind Muriel Schofield’s efforts to form the Society in 1929 ……

Autumn 2022

Renewable energy in Suffolk – learning from history on how to make it work for our rural communities. As noted in previous editions of Suffolk View, renewable energy is understandably causing some tension in Suffolk at the moment.

In general, people are incredibly supportive of solar panels and wind turbines, and recognise the need to take action to reverse the impacts of fossil fuels on our climate. But this doesn’t always hold up when faced with the realities of specific projects and infrastructure.

Spring 2022

Welcome to our bigger and better version of Suffolk View, all made possible by a generous donation from a very special member. We are enormously grateful!

We have been working hard to refresh our Membership Offer and are pleased to launch our new 2 for 1 discount on entry to some of the county’s most beautiful visitor attractions. SPS members will soon receive a membership card which can be used to receive free entry for a second person when paying full price for one adult.

Autumn 2021

As the country emerges tentatively from the restrictions of the last 18 months, we find ourselves having to adapt to meet to the realities of a world which will never be quite the same again.

One significant change on the horizon is the retirement of our chairman, Andrew Fane. Andrew and I joined the Society at the same time in December 2012.

Under his chairmanship the Society has increased its professional capacity and strengthened its reputation as a mature and reliable voice in Suffolk’s planning community.

Spring 2021

We have learnt over the last year how important nature and the environment are for our health and wellbeing. How climate change is making us face the need for our homes to be designed in a way that is more energy efficient, better connected, less reliant on fossil fuels and more adaptable to changing patterns in how we live and work.

The last 12 months have shown us that there is a future that relies less on commuting, more on digital connectivity, a proper understanding of the value of being in nature and even a rediscovery from our fathers and grandfathers of a love of growing our own food. We have learnt that we must adapt and it is time for those delivering the homes of the future to do the same. Our trustee Ralph Carpenter, considers nature-based solutions in housing delivery in his article at page 1.

Autumn 2020

Welcome to Suffolk View: we hope that you enjoy our new look. The ongoing pandemic has brought significant changes to our lives in recent months, ones that were unimaginable at the beginning of the year.

The pandemic has also impacted upon the progress of major energy applications that will affect so many communities in Suffolk. Despite a pause through the spring and summer, the autumn sees the commencement of the Scottish Power Renewables and EDF Energy’s proposals to Examination. Our chairman, Andrew Fane, considers the challenges that these major schemes present for community groups in his column.

Spring 2020

Housing Design – is the Tide Turning? You will be familiar with the SPS mantra for high quality design in Suffolk’s new housing schemes. This message was embodied in the SPS #SuffolkBeauty campaign and threaded through its Manifesto, launched to celebrate its 90th Anniversary last year. Not only does good design make the inevitable thousands of new homes more palatable to their communities, but spirits are depressed by the bland and characterless and uplifted by beauty and a strong ‘sense of place’. SPS is encouraged by the fact that lots of other, much grander organisations are saying the same thing…..

Autumn 2019

It was while driving back from the coast one late summer evening recently that I came upon a field of shocked wheat in the delightful village of Earl Soham. The evening sun was reflecting off the golden stooks in a small field bookended by some of Suffolk’s most charming vernacular cottages. It was an idyllic scene capturing a rural tradition that has characterised our county for centuries. It put me in mind of The Shire in JRR Tolkein’s fictional Middle Earth described in Lord of the Rings and other works. For the few who are unfamiliar with this work, The Shire refers to….

Spring 2019

The seventeenth century mathematician, Blaise Pascal, wrote in his Pensées, “In each action we must look beyond the action at our past, present, and future state, and at others whom it affects, and see the relations of all those things. And then we shall be very cautious.”

And this fundamental truth is as pertinent in 2019 as it was in 1657 when written. The point is that much is at risk if we do not carefully consider the complex inter-relationship of what we do today, the implications for our past and consequences for our future. It is the consequences of our actions, and more precisely the unintended consequences of our actions, that pose the biggest threat… 

Spring 2019

Autumn 2018

This summer saw changes at the top of the SPS – Lord Marlesford stood down as our President after twenty-one years of dedicated service and we now welcome Geoffrey Probert as our new President, see pages 5 & 26. Geoffrey will be known to many of you – a former High Sherriff of Suffolk, a businessman and a farmer, and also a SPS Trustee. He brings to the role immense knowledge of the County, its people and its values. We are delighted that he has accepted the role and I, and the Board of Trustees, very much look forward to continuing to work with him to promote the charitable objects of the Society…

Autumn 2018

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