SPS supports a focus on renewable energy projects to mitigate climate change.

We also recognise that Suffolk has a vital role to play in securing the future energy needs of the nation.

However the combined scale of the proposed projects could be devastating. The additional Sizewell nuclear reactors and the onshore infrastructure needed to support the offshore windfarms, including substations and cabling, will impact beautiful Suffolk countryside, coast, towns and villages.

Meanwhile to the west of the county the proposed Sunnica solar energy farm will be the largest in the country resulting in the loss of acres of farmland used for growing vegetables and impacting the surrounding villages.

The aim of SPS is to use its resources to support local groups campaigning for the best outcomes for their communities.

We campaign for a coordinated approach to deliver forthcoming energy projects. If Suffolk is to host these significant projects, we believe that the sensitive siting and successful mitigation of their impacts, together with offset environmental enhancements, are absolutely key.