We recognise and support the contribution solar power can make towards a sustainable solution to the country’s energy needs.
As technology improves, the costs of installing and maintaining panels fall, this is now a rapidly growing source of energy for the UK. We have seen the impact of this growth in Suffolk, with more applications for solar farms coming forward now than ever before.

SPS is fully supportive of proposals when they are proportionate in size and do not despoil their locations, being well contained within the landscape. Yet, too often we come against planning applications that seem to disproportionately and negatively impact on their locality and the communities expected to host these schemes.

Read SPS’ position paper on commercial scale solar power schemes in Suffolk – June 2021

Sunnica – Suffolk to host country’s largest solar farm?

A 500MW solar installation from Sunnica Energy Farm, if built, will be the biggest in the country and will include a number of Battery Energy Storage Systems in addition to the solar arrays. 

Located at four sites, the largest will cover around 1,700 acres very close to the villages of Worlington and Freckenham in the west of the county.

In addition, a site is proposed in East Cambridgeshire near Chippenham and Snailwell which will impact views from the Limekiln Gallops at Newmarket.

The connection will be at the National Grid substation at Burwell.

Documents on the scheme are available here

SPS has concerns around the sheer scale and scattered nature of these proposals and their impact on the landscape and on local communities.

SPS met with local residents who formed the campaign group SayNotoSunnica to offer advice to them about the planning process.

Our responses:

The scheme is subject to Examination from September 2022 through to early 2023. Having responded to the first two stages of consultation and raising our concerns with local MPs, SPS will also submit our Written Representation to the Planning Inpsectorate.