Suffolk ranks as one of the richest counties in terms of its heritage assets, hosting over 13,000 designated listed buildings and 173 conservation areas as well as numerous undesignated buildings of local importance.

The cultural, environmental, economic and social contribution of these to Suffolk cannot be overestimated.

Local authorities have a statutory duty to have special regard to preserving the historic environment from harmful development. SPS monitors planning and listed building applications which affect conservation areas, listed buildings or their settings and makes sound, well argued representations to prevent harmful impacts on Suffolk’s precious heritage in decision making.

SPS campaigns for local authorities and neighbourhood planning groups to include robust policies in their Plans to protect their areas’ built heritage. We encourage the identification of undesignated heritage assets, which have local architectural or social history significance, to be identified in neighbourhood plans.

SPS responds to local communities who contact us with concerns about the impact of development on the heritage of their area. Wherever we can we will help by explaining how best to make their case through the planning system. We also run regular heritage training events for community groups and parish councils.