SPS actively promotes and celebrates good design

We challenge the idea that there is a choice between volume and quality.

We campaign through the planning system for new homes to be built in the most sustainable locations and to make a positive contribution to the local area through their design, careful landscaping and use of high quality materials.

The Government is fully committed to ambitious home building targets. Successfully challenging new housing development applications that are compliant with adopted council policy and in a “sustainable” location is extremely difficult against the current permissive backdrop.

Today we therefore campaign for development that is sustainable, proportionate and appropriate – against a momentum that is very challenging.

We believe that if new housing developments are well designed and meet the needs and expectations of communities, they are more likely to be welcomed, rather than resisted, by communities.

Our charitable objects of protecting and promoting the special qualities of Suffolk while allowing for growth are ever more relevant.

A Housing Design Audit for England

A 2020 report produced by CPRE in partnership with Place Alliance detailed the results of an audit of over 140 housing developments built in England since 2007.

The report found that one in five of these developments should have been refused planning permission due to poor design that is contrary to National Planning Policy Framework advice. A further 54% shouldn’t have been granted planning permission without significant improvements to their design.  

The report makes recommendations for government, house builders and local authorities.  The local authority recommendations are particularly relevant to district councils working on local plans and making decisions about applications for large housing schemes. There are also recommendations on highway design relevant to county councils responsible for local roads.