Suffolk is under siege by an invasion of new energy projects in a manner that is both unprecedented and uncoordinated.

The Suffolk Preservation Society views National Grid’s proposal of an additional 400kV pylon line through Suffolk from Norwich to Tilbury with profound concern.

The national imperative to reach net zero and achieve energy security are understood, but this must not be at the expense of our county’s landscapes and heritage. 

SPS remains deeply concerned by the Norwich to Tilbury plans. This reliance upon a primitive, outdated technology will have the effect of industrialising large swathes of the East Anglian countryside, especially in non-designated areas which are in many instances valued landscapes, such as the Gipping Valley.

We call for a prioritizing of alternative routing/provision arising from offshore grids/offshore cabling solutions, onshore co-ordination, rationalisation of existing routes/lines, alternative pylon design, significantly enhanced screening and mitigation/net gain opportunities. We also expect full compensation for landscape and visual impacts that cannot be effectively mitigated.

SPS has made a detailed response to the second round of non-statutory consultation on the proposals – more details available here.

August 2023

The SPS acknowledges the national need for renewable energy and its transmission, but calls for solutions that are better and greener, not just bigger and faster.  

We acknowledge the policy and legal framework in which these nationally significant schemes are considered, namely that the starting point is overgrounding, other than in designated and in some highly sensitive locations. However, we are gravely concerned by the reliance upon 70 year old technology and call for a greener infrastructure to support green energy.

Therefore, it is essential that in providing the public benefit of renewable energy to the nation that the amenity of affected communities in Suffolk is fully taken into account, the negative impacts properly mitigated and where appropriate compensation given.

April 2022

National Grid plans to install a 150km line from Norwich to Tilbury could impact, to varying degrees, up to one in every eight towns and villages in Suffolk.

Article: East Anglian Daily Times 18 May 2022