Dear Member of Parliament,

I write as Chairman of the Suffolk Preservation Society (SPS) – as you know we are a non-political self-funding campaigning group employing planning professionals to preserve the best of Suffolk in heritage and landscape, but we are entirely realistic about the need for new building. What we campaign for is that this new building should be well done and correctly located.  

We are aware that there was a debate on the PWP in the House yesterday, on Thursday 8th October and we do hope you were able to attend and speak. 

We are very pleased with aspects of the PWP – particularly the emphasis that it puts on the vital importance of beauty in the design of new developments.   As the PWP made clear there are many examples of good design in developments already and this must become the norm and not just the exception.  Please be aware that it has been one of the SPS’s key positions for a very long time. 

Where we are principally concerned is the very erratic nature of the ‘algorithm’ and the allocations it has generated that suggest very large increases of development in East Suffolk, and reductions in the West at the same time.  This  clearly has no logic and will give rise to huge disquiet in your constituency.  The present levels of new development have already had unwelcome consequences and the new much higher ones would be a wholly undesired over- development. 

We fear the abolition of the planning application process within the growth areas will effectively deny a democratic voice to local people and organisations when developments threaten assets that they value, like heritage, landscape and green areas.  

We at SPS would very much like to engage with you on the PWP and look forward to considering the outcome of the debate.

With thanks for your support.  

Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Fane OBE MA FCA