Radical reform unlike anything we have seen since the Second World War.

Boris Johnson

In August the Planning Reform White Paper was issued. SPS is currently forming its response to the consultation on the proposed changes to the planning system

At first reading there are some encouraging changes that SPS has long been calling for; such as an emphasis on improved design, comprehensive resourcing of planning departments and effective use of  design guidance.

However, we fear that these positives are significantly outweighed by the potential negatives. The reforms introduce a system zoning of land into three areas of Growth, Renewal and Protection and the introduction of standardised Development Management policies contained within the NPPF, rather than Local Plans. This zoning would effectively remove the planning application stage, leaving public engagement solely at the plan making stage.

The Society has grave concerns about the implications for community involvement and the ability for local people to influence planning decisions that affect them.

For full coverage of the White Paper see  report by the Royal Town Planning Institute here https://www.rtpi.org.uk/policy/2020/august/proposals-for-planning-reform/