SPS was very disappointed by the Government decision to approve the DCO application for Sizewell C on 20 July 2022.

The Secretary of State has considered the overall planning balance and, for
the reasons set out in this decision letter, has concluded that the very
substantial and urgent need for the proposal outweighs the harms, and that
development consent should therefore be granted for the Proposed

The decision will have enormous impacts for the landscape, heritage and communities of east Suffolk and goes against the advice of the Planning Inspectorate which raised its concerns in February over the supply of water and habitat impacts. 

We extend our sincere regret to all those affected by this decision and offer our continuing support to both the communities that will be severely impacted, throughout both the build and operational phases, and to the local campaign groups who continue to run such compelling and powerful campaigns:

The government has been forced to ram through a damaging project to shore up its energy strategy but the fact that the Planning Inspectorate recommended Sizewell C be refused consent is a huge victory for all of us. The wrong decision has been made but it’s not the end of our campaign to Stop Sizewell C. Not only will we be looking closely at appealing this decision, we’ll continue to challenge every aspect of Sizewell C, because – whether it is the impact on consumers, the massive costs and delays, the outstanding technical questions or the environmental impacts – it remains a very bad risk.

Stop Sizewell C

It is extremely disappointing to learn that the Government has approved plans for Sizewell C, the proposed new nuclear power station that will affect our nature reserve at Minsmere in Suffolk. 
We are dismayed that the decision by this interim Government goes against the advice of the Examiners and their own experts in this matter. The construction of the proposed development will be damaging and it has been granted with insufficient consideration for the effects on nature as described by the governments own experts. This is a ludicrous decision for an interim government to make. 
We will be fully reviewing the reasons for the decision and will consider our options. We thank everyone who has supported and worked with us throughout the planning process and we will continue to do all we can for Minsmere and Suffolk’s important wildlife. 


Detail of our position on the siting of Sizewell C on the Suffolk coast is available here.