The Planning Inspectorate (PINS) has now accepted the Sunnica Development Consent Order for Examination.

The 500MW solar installation, if built, will be the biggest in the country.  Located at three sites, the largest will cover around 1,700 acres very close to the villages of Worlington and Freckenham in the west of the county. In addition, a site is proposed in East Cambridgeshire and connection will be at the National Grid substation at Burwell.

SPS has previously responded to the first two stages of consultation and raised our concerns with local MPs. Whilst supporting renewable energy generation in principle, very little detail had been provided and SPS raised concerns around the sheer scale of these proposals and their impact on the landscape and on local communities.

SPS has now met with representatives of the Say No to Sunnica campaign group together with CPRE Cambridgeshire.

Say No to Sunnica is raising a fighting fund and has appointed a landscape consultant. We have agreed that SPS will work with the group and in particular review and contribute, as appropriate, to the landscape evidence that the group has commissioned.

More detail of SPS’s position on commercial solar developments and our previous responses can be read on our Solar Energy Page.

More details on the scheme are available on the Sunnica website and application documents can be read on the PINS website.